Friday Night Live

Friday Night Live is back!  From Friday, March 25th (to kick off the Easter weekend in the Village), through October, we are pleased to welcome local musicians to the corners of Carlsbad Village Drive and State Street as well as Grand Avenue and State Street, each Friday night from 6pm to 8pm.

Enjoy live busker music on the sidewalks of State Street every Friday night from April through October and a few select nights in December as well.  Bring a folding chair and a light sweater and spend the evening in the village listening to everything from acoustic guitar rock and folk music to bluegrass and country, and make some new friends in Carlsbad.  Friday Night Live is a free community event sponsored by the Carlsbad Village Association.  


CVD = State and Carlsbad Village Drive (in front of the Chocolate Bar)
GRD = State and Grand (in front of HomeLife Village Realtors))

Lou Shook (CVD)
The Bad Carls (GRD)

Cesar Barros (CVD)
Alan Land (GRD)

Will Sumner (CVD)
Kathryn Cloward (GRD)

Tiki Two (CVD)
Moonlight Ramblers (GRD)

Are you a musician? To apply for a spot, contact the Friday Night Live Coordinator, Scott McDonald.