State Street Farmers' Market

The rain has stopped in Carlsbad and the market will be taking place as usual!  Come enjoy fresh local produce and artisan food today 3-6!

The State Street Farmers' Market takes in downtown Carlsbad every Wednesday. Enjoy fresh organic produce, locally prepared foods, handmade crafts, and live entertainment in the heart of Carlsbad Village on State St. between Carlsbad Village Dr. and Grand Ave.  We offer approximately 18 produce vendors, 25 packaged specialty food vendors, six prepared/cooked food vendors and two to four crafters at every market.

Fall/Winter Hours: 3 PM - 6 PM (November 9, 2016 - March 8, 2017)
Spring/Summer Hours: 3 PM - 7 PM (March 15, 2017 - November 1, 2017 )
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VENDORS: We are currently looking for a fish vendor and a green smoothie vendor.  Please contact info@carlsbad-village.com if you are interested.

Are you a local non-profit that provides social, athletic or recreational services or activities for residents in the City of Carlsbad?  If so, click HERE for more information on how you might be able to have a booth in the State Street Farmers' Market.